Welcome to my website, I am The "Dad - Ohs"

I received this name from my Daughter, Jane.

The purpose of this site is to both share & promote the activities that my family and I are currently enjoying, and, hopefully, make it a little easier to continue to enjoy them.

    We have recently started 2 new hobbies to help fill the time we might normally spend just sitting in front of the television with something more useful.

Coin Collecting, and, Rock Hounding.

On this page I will try to chronicle both mine and my daughter Jane's Coin Collecting as well as our rock hounding efforts.

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Thank you for visiting and we hope you enjoy your visit here!


Should Be ........ Interesting!

Within this space I hope to share the thoughts of a 9 year old novice coin collector, and myself, as we navigate the world of coins & currencies.      


    I had joined the Titusville Coin Club and decided to ask my daughter Jane (9yrs old) if she wanted to come see the club in action on a meeting night. Well, she has taken an instant liking to the old coins that people bring in, and that interest has caused her to join the club as one of its youngest members, she is a member of the YN "youth collectors" club within the Titusville Coin Club.
    I am really proud of her for doing this and have enjoyed helping her learn how to do research on the internet, what to search for and what information to look for. The added benefit of spending time with your kid is a tremendous value in today's' world.

Sorry to be away so long, Life has interrupted... as usual!!

So anyways, Jane continues to mature within the coin club and has the support of all the members who still press the odd coin into her hand and ask her to research it for them, and she gets to keep the coin. I feel so honored to be among such a great group of people!!

I hope to have Jane write up something herself to put in here and will talk to her in the days ahead about that. Jane is in the coin club & the rock club that I am in too. I will give her a rock section too, but the only rock work she does is in my shed out back, she is too young to use the machines at the rock club, for insurance reasons.

Rock - Hounding with the Dad - Ohs!!

(aka... playing in the dirt)

Stay tuned for news of places we've been, where we stayed, what we found, how we liked being there, and how we were treated.

6/25/13: Sorry I haven't been back to add anything in awhile, "Life Interrupted" seems to be my new motto lately!!

Anyways, My Wife, Daughter and Myself are hoping to go on another Rock Hounding Expedition, this time to the great state of Alabama!! we will be joined this time by our dear friends Clay, his wife Donna, and Daughter Carrissa!! we hope to hit both Alabama & Georgia as we will be staying in north east Alabama about 15 - 20 minuted from the Georgia border!!  Hopefully everything goes well. I'll  post more as we get closer to the actual trip and what we bring back.

More info in the rock hounds section!

See something that you like?

    We are also offering, for sale, trade, some extra items we have collected along the way. 

Click Here for Coins, Rocks and more that I have for sale on my Etsy page.
    Proceeds from any sales, after paying any expenses incurred, will be divided between saving for our next outing

and gifts to various charities.

Please feel free to browse the website and if you see anything that interests you, feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or inquiries or even just to say hello.

please email; rokhounds@gmail.com

and reference the website in the subject area... Thank You !!

(Yes, you can even email Jane here too!, although, her emails are censored, and any improper emails will be forwarded to the authorities!!)